Cry of the Stars is a mint tin solo game. A deep space battle to survive against waves of enemies. Can you battle through to get to the jump point and home to Earth?

In Cry of the Stars you have dice, cards, cubes, and the void of space.

Cry of the Stars is available now from The GameCrafter:

Decide how to spend stocks of energy and materiel to blast through by rolling dice (either with a total higher than the enemy shield value to score a lazer hit, or match the patterns for the targeting system to strike with a kinetic missile). Salvage from destroyed craft to upgrade your own and try to preserve your precious hull. It’s all that stands between you and vacuum, after all.

Defeated enemy ships yield salvage. Salvage can be turned into kinetic missiles (crudely crafted and with a remote guidance system duct-taped to the side) or used to upgrade your battery units (powering more or stronger lazer shots) or shield strength.

Will you succeed – defeating enemy ships and making it home to Earth?

Or will you fail, blasted into space, your ship destroyed and all you hear in those last seconds is not quite silence: As the radio picks up the static hiss that is the eternal signal from each of those points of light all around; the Cry of the Stars.