A mint tin roguelike game. Battle a series of monsters before taking on the boss Demon itself.

A powerful demon has cursed the land so no crops grow and the people suffer. A hero must rise to defeat the demon and save the land. Could you be that hero?

Explorers tell of a forest where the Demon dwells, surrounded and protected by his kin. You must fight through the forest to reach the Demon and destroy it. As you defeat the lesser monsters along the way you will gain power and prowess.

If you should fall, they rise again thanks to the Demon’s power. No such return for you though. Thankfully other heroes wait in turn and can benefit from the path you have revealed. Maybe one of you will succeed.

Forest of the Demon is a solo micro adventure. Pick your way through the forest, battling monsters and upgrading your hero’s attributes after each successful combat to be ready to face the more powerful enemies and ultimately the Demon itself.

With a choice of four possible heroes, three Demons, as well as starting and pick-up bonus items, there’s a range of chances to be successful, or not.

Two different dice-based combat systems (for physical and magical combat), choosing your path through the forest, and deciding amongst four possible attributes to upgrade provide range of actions for the player.

Can you make your way through the forest and beat the Demon with your first hero?

Will it take several fallen heroes, opening up the path, to show the way?

Can you save the land from the scourge of the Demon and its kin?

Available to buy NOW from The Game Crafter here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/forest-of-the-demon